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Solarfoce 648

 Our SolarForce™ 648 Level 3 mega bed, consists of, total surround 160 watt lamps,

4 (400 watt) facial lamps & 8 (26 watt) lamps to tan your shoulders.

Leaving you with an even tan that you won’t get from just any tanning bed.

The advanced built in body cooling system continuously blows cool air over the body

and face for an enjoyable, comfortable tanning experience. 

 12 minutes max.{PLATINUM}







The Diva Tower, the world’s tallest stand-up booth that towers above all others,

features 50 200 watt, 78″ VHR lamps to accommodate even the tallest tanners.

This unit generates 5-6 times the power of a standard Bed and will give you a

DARK tan in just 4-6 sessions! 

9 minutes max. {PLATINUM}









Our Mega Max level 2 tanning bed is equipt with 160w reflector bulbs on top
100w reflector bulbs on bottom to provide you with that even golden tan. 

15 minutes max. {GOLD}

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Feel fabulous by getting rid of all your

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Show off your eyes with

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